Source: castaways of the sea

Bulkcarrier of Naviera Bilbaína S.A. that came from the port of Almería with a shipment of iron ore destined for ENSIDESA, which had to be unloaded in the port of Avilés. The ship was in a terrible state of conservation, and on January 15, 1986, less than 3 miles from the scheduled arrival at the Avilés bar, it did not resist a storm that ended up breaking its holds, causing it to sink. The final consequences were tragic, as the rescue was difficult and resulted in four fatalities. Today she rests off the coast of Avilés at a depth of about 95 meters.

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Autonomous Community: Asturias

Provincia: Asturias

Localidad: Avilés


Apelativo: Luchana

Año del hundimiento: 1986

Causas: Temporal

Año de construcción: 1942

Lugar: Astilleros de Bilbao

Eslora: 144

Manga: 18

Puntal (altura): 7

Profundidad máxima: 110

Profundidad media: 95