Man and Territory

The association Hombre y Territorio (HyT), a non-profit entity, has promoted and developed this inventory during 2013 with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

The project is a subsidised action aiming exclusively to benefit the Spanish underwater cultural heritage, but also to promote national and international tourism through the diving schools and clubs of different regions in Spain, entities that hold the key for the dissemination of information and the protection of the submarine legacy.

The information used to create the inventory originates partly from shipwreck sightings but also from ancient popular tales and local knowledge; hence, in some instances, the information is scarce or diffuse. Therefore, is open to constant updates and with new entries. We invite any members of a diving club or school that wish to contribute with information regarding shipwrecks of historical and cultural value to contact us at and as soon as possible we will assess the information and update the database with your information.

Thank you very much for your collaboration and comprehension.

Contact email: