Source: Underwater Virtual Museum

On June 30, 1971, a Douglas DC3 military plane of the Spanish Navy -the Zorro 33-, took off from the Gando Air Base bound for El Aaiún to participate in a paratrooper drop. Three minutes into the flight, one of the engines failed, losing power, losing altitude quite quickly and falling into the sea, where it received a hard impact. Of the five members that made up the crew, two survived. According to the surviving crew members, after falling and hitting the sea, the aircraft sank on its left plane, emerged and remained on the surface for a few minutes and sank again for good. At a depth of 34 meters off Vargas beach, algae can be seen on the wing structures. Spectacular swarms of small fish and some occasional pelagic predators (turtles, dolphins, amberjacks, tuna, bonito). Often cartilaginous fish with considerable wingspan under the wings.

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Autonomous Community: Canary Islands

Provincia: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Localidad: Playa de Vargas



Apelativo: Avión Vargas

Año del hundimiento: 1971

Causas: Pérdida de altura e impacto en el mar por fallo de un motor.

Eslora: 20

Manga: 35

Puntal (altura): 5

Profundidad media: 34