S galleon. XVIII called Madelaine, supplied the troops in uniform when he was detected and sunk. In an effort to reach land he stood a few meters from the coast with all the goods on board, but also said that it was the French who plunged themselves to avoid capture by the British who protected Gibraltar. There are more hypothesis: two galleons were persecuted by the British against the shore were not to capture them: one of 2 was found (Lys); the other will be in a situation close to coast.

You can still find buttons and buckles for carrying soldiers and frames and visible parts of the Galleon, much underwater life. Being shallow (6m) temporary do we find a different boat every dive, and digging up new areas or vice versa. suitable for all divers dive.

Importantly it has been detected episodes of spoliation of its elements; please do not contribuyáis the disappearance of heritage and history.

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Region: Andalucía

Provincia: Málaga

Location: San Pedro de Alcantara



Appellative: The Galleon, LYS, San Pedro

Sinking Year: 1705

Causes: several hypotheses

Year of construction: 1669

Maximum depth: 8

Minimum Depth: