Galleon of the century XVIII named Madelaine, was supplying the troops in uniform when he was detected and sunk. In his eagerness to reach the mainland he stayed a few meters from the coast with all the merchandise on board, although it is also said that it was the French themselves who sunk it to avoid capture by the English who protected Gibraltar. There are more hypotheses: they were 2 galleons that, chased by the English, went against the coast so as not to be captured: one of the 2 was found (the Lys); the other will be in a situation near the coast.

You can still find buttons and buckles that it carried for the soldiers, as well as the frames and visible parts of the Galleon, with a lot of underwater life. Being at a shallow depth (6m) the storms mean that in each dive we find a different boat, since it unearths new areas or vice versa. Immersion suitable for all divers.

It is important to emphasize that episodes of looting of its elements have been detected; please, do not contribute to the disappearance of heritage and history.

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Autonomous Community: Andalusia

Provincia: Málaga

Localidad: San Pedro de Alcántara



Apelativo: El Galeón, LYS, San Pedro

Año del hundimiento: 1705

Causas: Varias hipótesis

Año de construcción: 1669

Profundidad máxima: 8

Profundidad mínima: 6