A collision due to fog with the English tanker Esso Cardiff led to the sinking of the Swedish merchantman Thangoy in November 1953. This occurred in the vicinity of Cabo Prioriño. two miles from Prior, after the failed attempt by the French tugboat Abeille 26 to take it to the Port of Ferrol. The crew had previously been picked up by the Esso Cardiff. In its dark underwater deposit, 65 meters deep, the wreck is very dilapidated. There are no parts of the hull that stand out especially, except at the bow, where lying on the sand lies a large cargo mast. On tons of twisted iron and pipes, wiring, steering wheels, huge valves, panels, beams..., the machine is the most intact and spectacular structure that can be observed. An abundant and colorful sessile life has settled in the highest part, made up of variegated colonies of bryozoans and corinactis. Flocks of pouts occupy the territory and the occasional large haddock makes an appearance. The cavities of the large block are populated by a large number of conger eels of all sizes.

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Autonomous Community: Galicia

Provincia: La Coruña

Localidad: Ferrol


Apelativo: Tonghay

Año del hundimiento: 1953

Causas: Colisión con otro buque.

Año de construcción: 1940

Lugar: Göteborg (Suecia)

Eslora: 141

Profundidad media: 65