Source: Galician mail

The armored cruiser of the Spanish Navy, Cardenal Cisneros, while carrying out some maneuvers in the Galician Rías, sailed on October 28, 1905 from its anchorage in Muros towards Ferrol to repair some small faults in its boilers. When it passed some 2.6 miles off the Meixidos shoals, it touched an uncharted rock that tore through it for more than 50 meters, along the entire length of the boiler rooms and part of the forward engine room. Faced with such damage, the flooding could not be controlled, however giving time for the entire crew to be saved, sinking the bow ship. Its remains were located in September 2006 by divers José Manuel Silva, Juan Montero and Unai Artaloitia. The wreck lies at a maximum depth of 70 meters, with an average diving depth of 65 meters, in an area of ​​large rocky promontories.

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Autonomous Community: Galicia

Provincia: La Coruña

Localidad: Ría de Muros



Apelativo: Cardenal cisneros

Año del hundimiento: 1905

Causas: Encallado

Año de construcción: 1902

Lugar: Reales Astilleros de Esteiro (El Ferrol)

Eslora: 106

Manga: 18

Puntal (altura): 7

Profundidad máxima: 70

Profundidad media: 65

Profundidad mínima: 60