Initially a ferry, dedicated mainly to the transport of trains, which served between the Italian cities of San Giovanni and Messina, since it changed hands in 1987, the Reggio Messina was destined to serve as a floating party room in the port of Barcelona until which, due to its poor condition, ended up sinking in the same port facilities. After that, she bought it the Generalitat de Catalunya. She refloated it, refurbished it and finally sank it in 1992 off the coast of Mongrí (Girona) with the intention of creating an artificial marine biotope to promote underwater tourism. Due to the rocky bottom of the place chosen for it and exposed to storms, the wreck has ended up breaking into three fragments. It is submerged south of Punta de la Foradada, halfway between the ports of L'Estartit and L'Escala. The hull rests at a depth between 24 and 32 metres, listing to the port side, with the stern directed towards the Punta del Castell. Its rooms, its mast and its twisted irons, give it a mysterious air. The mast is always surrounded by breams and chestnuts and in the holes we can find conger eels. Of medium difficulty, the dive requires an advanced level.

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Autonomous Community: Catalonia

Provincia: Gerona

Localidad: L'Estartit



Apelativo: Regio Mesina

Año del hundimiento: 1992

Causas: Hundido a propósito

Año de construcción: 1970

Eslora: 126

Manga: 17

Puntal (altura): 4

Profundidad máxima: 32

Profundidad mínima: 24