Originally it was a German deep-sea tug (“Pellworn”), which participated in the Second World War. At the end of this she became part of the United States Navy. And in 1980 it was bought by a Panamanian company, which used it in oil prospecting but also for drug smuggling. Until in 1985 the Spanish Customs Police captured him off the coast of Begur, weighing 600 kg. of hashish After confiscating it, he spent the rest of his days moored in the port of Palamós, in a state of abandonment. At the end of 1988 it was bought by two Palamós diving clubs, who, after obtaining the pertinent permits, sunk it in the “Llosa” of Palamós to form an artificial reef. Before, they removed all the doors and elements that could be an obstacle for the divers. At a depth of 25 to 32 meters, algae, corals and sponges cover much of the wreck and provide shelter for all kinds of fish and crustaceans. Conger eels and moray eels have settled in the engine compartment and in the holes of the chimney lying on the bridge. In the deepest part of the dive, which is considered to be of medium difficulty, is the stern of the boat with its large propeller.

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Autonomous Community: Catalonia

Provincia: Gerona

Localidad: Palamós



Apelativo: Boreas

Año del hundimiento: 1989

Causas: Hundido a propósito para promocionar el turismo subacuático.

Eslora: 40

Profundidad máxima: 32

Profundidad mínima: 25