Freighter of the Basque Asturian Company sunk on April 15, 1905 near Los Palos de Poo, a mile and a half from the Port of Llanes. He made the journey from Bilbao to Avilés. The cause of the sinking was a leak that the ship's crew could not repair. Thanks to several ships that came to the rescue, the crew was saved. She currently rests on a sandy bottom at a depth of about 36 meters. Except for the boilers, not much remains of the original ship, only scattered remains, which make up a veritable nursery for lobsters and conger eels.

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Autonomous Community: Asturias

Provincia: Asturias

Localidad: Llanes



Apelativo: Pedrosa

Año del hundimiento: 1905

Causas: Vía de agua

Año de construcción: 1889

Profundidad media: 36