This ship ran aground in the Bajos de los Cabezos. Her real name is El Cytos, but due to the large number of gorgonians she is better known as the ship of the Gorgonians. At present the Citus, "Ship of the Woods" or "Ship of the Gorgonians", rests on a sandy bottom on its starboard side, at a depth of 32 m with its bow pointed to the southwest, its conservation being quite good. . Having been dynamited from its holds, we can distinguish two large areas: the bow and the stern, and between the two a large hole produced by the dynamite. The best time to visit the wreck are the months between August and March, since during the spring "La Almadraba" of Tarifa covers it in its entirety (being "La Almadraba" the traditional art of tuna fishing used on these coasts since Roman times).



Autonomous Community: Andalusia

Provincia: Cádiz

Localidad: Tarifa



Apelativo: Pecio de las gorgonias

Año del hundimiento: 1928

Causas: Encalló

Año de construcción: 1899

Lugar: Tarifa

Eslora: 88

Manga: 12

Profundidad máxima: 32

Profundidad media: 25

Profundidad mínima: 18