On the Asturian slope of the Ría del Eo, in the Llan cove, between Arnao beach and Punta da Cruz cape (in Castropol), an underwater archaeological site was located in 2007 by four divers from the Figueras Aquatic Activities club (FIGS). It is believed that the remains found come from the Spanish frigates "El Galgo de Andalucía" and "San Francisco", sunk in 1719 when the English attacked the estuary and the Spanish, fearing the hijacking of the vessels, decided to burn them. Nothing of the ship's structure is preserved, at least to the naked eye. Only the cannons and other remains such as balls or pieces of ceramics and old tableware. They currently enjoy legal protection, with the space included in the Castropol Archaeological Charter.

Various sources


Autonomous Community: Asturias

Provincia: Asturias

Localidad: Ría del Eo


Apelativo: Pecio de Figueras

Año del hundimiento: 1719

Causas: Incendiado por ataque naval