This French cargo ship suffered a tragic maritime accident off the coast of the extreme SW of the island of Menorca on January 2, 1929 when it collided with the Escull des Governador. The incident had a very quick outcome, as the ship sank in a short time about 500 meters to the south, taking most of its crew members with it. At a depth of 30 to 38 meters, on a sandy bottom, the wreck has already been partially scrapped. The most remarkable thing is considered to be the extraordinary life that has settled inside it, both plant and animal: sea squirts, nudibranchs, sponges, gobies, three tails, serranos, moray eels, groupers, conger eels, barracudas, palometas, etc. which makes it the best artificial reef with life existing in the waters of Menorca. Difficulty of the average dive, given the depth.

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Autonomous Community: Balears

Provincia: Menorca

Localidad: Ciudatella de Menorca



Apelativo: Malakoff

Año del hundimiento: 1929

Causas: Encallado

Año de construcción: 1903

Lugar: Howdon-On-Tyne (Reino Unido)

Eslora: 110

Manga: 15

Puntal (altura): 9

Profundidad máxima: 38

Profundidad mínima: 30