The Spanish freighter Francisquita, coming from the port of Seville with 100 tons of beet pulp and a consignment of cork, sank on December 17, 1952, 1.4 miles NW of Punta Nati on the coast of Menorca as a result of the breakage of the rudder and a large leak caused by the collision with a rock that occurred in the middle of the night during the height of a storm. The ships that came to her aid managed to rescue the crew but not the ship or her cargo. She still remains today in the same place where she sank, having become a symbol of diving in Ciutadella. Diving, however, is complicated since there are currents of more than 3 knots in its surroundings and the depth is high (39-50 meters), so it is advisable to go down in the company of experienced divers in this wreck. The bottom bed on which it rests is made up mostly of sand. Inside it houses a large amount of life.

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Autonomous Community: Balears

Provincia: Menorca

Localidad: Ciudatella de Menorca



Apelativo: Francisquita

Año del hundimiento: 1952

Causas: Encallado

Eslora: 45

Manga: 8

Puntal (altura): 5

Profundidad máxima: 50

Profundidad mínima: 39