Liters / CALA EGOS


These two freighters, about 50 meters long, sunk in the port of Burriana, were refloated, taken out of the port and anchored again to create an artificial reef at the end of the 20th century. At a depth of about 22 metres, near the port of Burriana, you can find a large number of nudibranchs, gobies, corvas, red mullets, glazed breams... and other typical Mediterranean fauna that have chosen them as their home.

Various sources


Autonomous Community: Valencian Community

Provincia: Castellón

Localidad: Burriana



Apelativo: Litri /Egos

Año del hundimiento: 1995

Causas: Hundidos a propósito para promocionar el turismo subacuático.

Eslora: 50

Profundidad media: 22