Photo: Rafa Martos (blogs.comunitatvalenciana.com)

Freighter of about 45 meters in length sunk at the end of the 19th century and known as "El Vaporet". It is about 2.6 miles from the port of Denia, heading NE, on a 33-meter sandy bottom. The ship is quite deteriorated and practically lacks a superstructure, conserving frames and some deck plates. Given the absence of nearby rock formations, many species find a good refuge in it. Conger eels, lobsters and even lobsters are common, as well as real bream, bream. Also stingrays and torpedoes in the sand. Regular presence of currents. It is advisable to dive only in optimal conditions and by experienced divers of the highest level.

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Autonomous Community: Valencian Community

Provincia: Alicante

Localidad: Denia


Apelativo: Vaporet

Año del hundimiento: 1895

Eslora: 45

Profundidad media: 33