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In the 1970s, a group of wooden fishing boats were sunk to promote tourist diving in the area. In the 1980s, a merchant ship (El Vapor) was sunk in the area closest to the coast (at a depth of 12 m) to facilitate access to novice divers. The deepest (La Hélice) is found at 40 m. Today they make up a Wreck Park, a total of 6, where due to the calm of the island's waters, the group of wrecks has remained practically unchanged since the ships were sunk. In addition to the usual marine fauna in Lanzarote, it is easy to find specimens of rays, angel sharks or schools of barracudas. Medium difficulty.

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Autonomous Community: Canary Islands

Provincia: Lanzarote

Localidad: Puerto del Carmen



Apelativo: Pecios del Puerto del Carmen

Año del hundimiento: 1986

Causas: Hundidos a propósito para promocionar el buceo turístico.

Profundidad máxima: 40

Profundidad media: 20

Profundidad mínima: 12