Setar II

The Setares II (the barge) ship belonged to the "Mining Company Setares" and was responsible for transporting ore from Mioño to Altos Hornos de Bizkaia. In one of those trips (in 1957 or 1958) he sank because of a storm. Today, his remains are found in front of the Playa de la Arena to 29 meters deep. Are the frames of the ship, winches, nets and little more, on a sandy bottom where many life refuge; conger eels, lobsters, fish San Pedro, bream, pout, etc. It is recommended for dipping at least Advanced or equivalent.

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Comunidad Autónoma: País Vasco

Provincia: Vizcaya

Location: Playa La Arena



Appellative: barge

Sinking Year: 1958


Average depth: 30