Small fishing boat about 20 meters long, sunk in April 1982 between the island of Dragonera and the coast of Mallorca. In this wreck, quite deteriorated, where only collapsed steel plates can be seen, a colony of conger eels and moray eels of considerable size has established, which are accustomed to the presence of divers. For this reason it is known by the name of “Pecio de los Congrios”. Because of the depth, approximately 36 meters, and the currents, which are sometimes frequent in this area, experience in diving is required for the dive.

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Autonomous Community: Balears

Provincia: Mallorca

Localidad: Dragonera



Apelativo: Pecio de los Congrios

Año del hundimiento: 1982

Eslora: 20

Profundidad máxima: 36

Profundidad media: 32

Profundidad mínima: 34