This Greek-flagged cargo ship was carrying a cargo of sacks of cement for Nigeria. Detained in Puerto de la Luz since February 1978, where it arrived towed due to a breakdown in the machine, due to payment problems between the shipowners and the captain, the latter abandoned it on the docks until some water leaks made it a danger for the port. She was towed and sunk in the outer dock in December 1979. After her sinking, the port authorities commissioned an underwater work company to cut her masts or masts, as they could pose a danger to navigation. At a depth of about 20 meters, it is home to abundant underwater life. In the bottom, angel sharks, torpedo fish, stingrays... In the old holds, groupers, roosters, bogas... At the stern: moray eels and groupers, along with stonefish. barracudas, fulas and bogas in the crossheads at the top.

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Autonomous Community: Canary Islands

Provincia: Gran Canaria

Localidad: Puerto de la Luz (Las Palmas)



Apelativo: Kalais

Año del hundimiento: 1979

Causas: Vías de agua.

Año de construcción: 1949

Lugar: Smith´s Docks (Inglaterra)

Eslora: 109

Manga: 15

Puntal (altura): 7

Profundidad máxima: 35

Profundidad media: 20