Submarine sold by Mussolini to Franco during the Spanish Civil War. In this contest she sank 4 ships and damaged another. It is the "Ace of Aces" of the Spanish Armada. In December 1959, while it was being towed to be scrapped, it broke the rope of the tow at the height of Ons, crashing against the coast. There were no deaths. She very scrapped.

Armament: 2 100 mm cannons, 2 13.2 mm anti-aircraft machine guns, 8 torpedo tubes.

This wreck was discovered, after many years disappeared, by a group of people linked to the Ons diving club.

Source: Yago Abilleira Crespo


Autonomous Community: Galicia

Provincia: Pontevedra

Localidad: Bueu (A Freitosa, Isla de Ons, Ría de Pontevedra)


Apelativo: Archimede, submarino

Año del hundimiento: 1959

Causas: Rotura del cabo de remolque

Año de construcción: 1933

Lugar: Tarento (Italia)

Eslora: 70

Manga: 7

Profundidad máxima: 8

Profundidad media: 7

Profundidad mínima: 2