Source: sestarragona.com

The Dragonera, a freighter 65 m long, split at some points, which lies on a bottom of mud and sand between 14 and 23 m, and in which the presence of bream and gilthead bream stands out in some of its holes, was sunk in 1994 in the Underwater Park of Tarragona. This park, managed by SES (Societat d'Exploracions Submarines de Tarragona), is located in front of the Port of Tarragona in an area destined for the sinking of boats, conditioned for it, and some structures designed to act as a biotope for more than 250 cataloged species present in it; all this guided and signaled by the bottom and from land. Other sunken ships accompany the Dragonera on a tour of the park: Golf de Lleo, Kuark, Cuadrat, Hermanos Aguado, Sebastián and Lola, Rojo, Rojo II, Lili, 6 sailboats and 3 boats (the boats of light).

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Autonomous Community: Catalonia

Provincia: Tarragona

Localidad: Puerto de Tarragona



Apelativo: Dragonera

Año del hundimiento: 1994

Causas: Hundido a propósito para promocionar el turismo subacuático

Eslora: 65

Profundidad máxima: 23

Profundidad media: 17

Profundidad mínima: 14