On August 22, 1909, around six o'clock in the afternoon, in Baja del Griego, next to the Jandía Lighthouse, the "Ballester" sank after colliding with it, opening a water leak and losing the rudder. , being left without government and adrift. It was making the return journey from the Port of Las Palmas to Barcelona, ​​with a load of iron scrap. In the shipwreck, 7 people disappeared, including the captain. It is located 0.5 miles from the coast of Jandía, between Baja del Griego and Baja de Juan Gómez, and a short distance from the Port of Punta de Jandia. The area suffers from the almost continuous onslaught of the sea. It is, therefore, an almost unexplored area, dotted with shallows that harbor a life little conditioned by the presence of man. Present some species of corals and banks of predators. It is a refuge for solitary specimens of large groupers, amberjacks and others. Very difficult, with strong currents, variable visibility and great depth. Diving is only possible on a few occasions throughout the year.

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Autonomous Community: Canary Islands

Provincia: Fuerteventura

Localidad: Jandía



Año del hundimiento: 1909

Causas: Deriva tras colisión

Año de construcción: 1850

Eslora: 25

Manga: 8

Puntal (altura): 4

Profundidad máxima: 45

Profundidad mínima: 40