At a great depth, about 91 meters, in the vicinity of the Ría de La Coruña, the remains of the Dutch freighter Anna have been found since September 19, 1969. She was en route from Teignmouth (England) to Genoa (Italy), she was transporting 900 tons of powdered Chinese porcelain, when she began to list and requested help. The German tugboat “Océanic” and the fishing boats “Pilar de Gracia” and “Costa del Mar” came to her aid. The crew members were saved but the sinking of the ship could not be avoided. The wreck, lying on its starboard side and with its bow facing south-east, is almost complete. Only the upper part of the sterncastle seems to have some of its bulkheads fallen at the top.

Various sources


Autonomous Community: Galicia

Provincia: La Coruña

Localidad: Ría de La Coruña



Apelativo: Anna

Año del hundimiento: 1969

Causas: Escorado

Eslora: 50

Profundidad media: 91