Spanish coal ship sunk in 1961 when, after running aground on the island of Sálvora, it was taken to beach a nearby beach. The wreck is intact, fully rigged. Among its tenants are colonies of cnidarians, lobsters, spider crabs, crabs, pouts, and an abundance of conger eels. The depth at which it is found (between 33 and 40 meters), with poor visibility (3-4 meters), strong currents and the presence of remains of fishing gear make the immersion difficult, recommended only to advanced experienced divers .

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Autonomous Community: Galicia

Provincia: La Coruña

Localidad: Ría de Arosa



Apelativo: Carbonero

Año del hundimiento: 1961

Causas: Encallado

Año de construcción: 1890

Eslora: 50

Profundidad máxima: 40

Profundidad mínima: 33