Source: The opinion of La Coruña

This Norwegian merchant ship was sailing to Thailand transporting chemical fertilizers when on the night of October 11, 1976, due to a strong storm, it suffered a cargo shift that caused the ship to list. The captain requested permission to enter the Port of La Coruña but the port authorities denied him as they considered it a dangerous maneuver. The next morning, off San Amaro beach, the list increased, the ship found itself in an insurmountable situation and sank at 9:30 a.m. on October 12, 1976, at the entrance to the bay of La Coruna. 34 of the 35 sailors were rescued in salvage boats. Who disappeared at sea was the cook, who refused to accept the ransom (he was of Chinese nationality, hence the nickname by which the wreck is currently known, "El Chino"). Medium difficulty dive. It is listed on its port side on a sandy bottom, but although today it is quite deteriorated, it still retains a good part of its structure and is still considered one of the best wrecks on the Galician coast accessible to most divers.

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Autonomous Community: Galicia

Provincia: La Coruña

Localidad: Puerto de La Coruña


Apelativo: El Chino

Año del hundimiento: 1976

Causas: Escorado por corrimiento de carga debido a temporal.

Año de construcción: 1951

Lugar: Malmoe (Suecia)

Eslora: 141

Manga: 19

Puntal (altura): 8

Profundidad máxima: 26

Profundidad mínima: 19