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It was in the 70s when one afternoon the figure of this unfortunate ship on the horizon of the Andalusian Atlantic. It was more than a boat the next day was going to be literally swallowed by the sea.
The collapse took place near the Playa de Los Lances, as usual downwind of strong lift, which is so familiar to us. The wreck is near the Citos, just two hundred meters away. It was a ship laden with salt, so that some call the "ship of salt".

Located at a depth of between 29 and 33 meters and resting on its port side lies this vestige of our contemporary culture

The wreck is almost intact; only it has a strong impact on its bow, which makes us suppose that had a strong collision with another ship not know. The case is that it is one of the best preserved wrecks in the Western Andalusian coast. Divers usually visit during the summer months, when they lift the trap

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Region: Andalucía





Appellative: Salt boat

Sinking Year: 1978


Place: Bilbao

Length: 47


Depth (height):

Maximum depth: 33

Average depth:

Minimum Depth: