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The Polycommander was a Norwegian-flagged oil tanker that on May 5, 1970 ran aground on some shallows near the island of Monteagudo, in the Cíes, due to an error by the captain when leaving the Vigo estuary, causing the greatest ecological catastrophe of this estuary: the reefs tore it up on its port side, causing a fire and spilling 15,000 tons of crude oil. The coast of Baiona and Panxón were affected by the oil slick. The rest of the crude, once the fire was extinguished, was transferred to other ships and the Polycommander was refloated and bought by some Greek shipowners, who repaired it and kept it in service under the name "Yanxilas" until 1985, the year in which she it was scrapped

Therefore, it is believed that the remains that rest in the area could not belong to this tanker.

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Autonomous Community: Galicia

Provincia: Pontevedra

Localidad: Ría de Vigo



Apelativo: Polycommander

Año del hundimiento: 1970

Causas: Encallado

Año de construcción: 1965

Lugar: Gotemburgo (Suecia)

Eslora: 218

Manga: 16

Puntal (altura): 30