The Tordisa, known as the CARBONERO, as they say was torpedoed during the First World War by a German submarine (U 35) that wreaked havoc in the area, going to the bottom until it stayed at 45 m. It is believed that it was loaded with coal, hence its nickname, however, other sources suggest that the coal was a cover for the true ammunition load, which was known to the Germans through their intelligence services and caused it to be sunk. . It was built for T. Turnbull & Son, Whittby in 1888, under the name 'Tordisa'. When acquired by F. Degrossi; 1813, I renamed it ‘Lilla’.
According to some stories of its sinking it was torpedoed in an exchange of fire with a German submarine U 35 on October 13, 1917 when going to help the Steamer 'Doris' that was attacked earlier, finally it sank at 11:00 PM at 5 miles offshore according to the submarine's KTB.

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Autonomous Community: Murcia

Provincia: Murcia

Localidad: Cabo de Palos



Apelativo: Carbonero

Año del hundimiento: 1917

Causas: Torpedo Alemán

Año de construcción: 1888

Lugar: Italia

Eslora: 120

Manga: 12

Puntal (altura): 7

Profundidad máxima: 47

Profundidad mínima: 36