This ship, owned by Naviera Ferros, made the route from Gijón to Bilbao with a full cargo of coal. On December 16, 1925, at 9 pm, he crossed paths with the ship "Antonio" and collided with it. She suffered very considerable damage and a large leak. She was attempted to be towed to Bilbao, but sailing through Punta del Caballo, 2.2 miles from Punta del Pescador, she could not stay afloat and she sank. She sank 55 meters deep. On a sandy bottom, the remains of it are home to a lot of marine life, such as sunfish, lobsters, spider crabs, conger eels, pouts, sargos, etc. Due to the great depth and strong existing currents, the difficulty of diving in this wreck is high. A high mastery of diving techniques and good technical and equipment preparation are required. It is rumored that the real cause of the shipwreck was the recklessness or overconfidence of the captains of the collided ships, since these were brothers and they say that the crash occurs when both approach to greet each other.

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Autonomous Community: Cantabria

Provincia: Cantabria

Localidad: Laredo


Apelativo: Genova Fierro

Año del hundimiento: 1925

Causas: Colisión

Año de construcción: 1893

Lugar: Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Ltd. Reino Unido

Eslora: 67

Manga: 10

Puntal (altura): 4

Profundidad media: 55