The history of this boat is very close to the Ulla and Turia. All three are vessels belonging to the Spanish Armada and it was this which gave way for subsequent collapse in murcianas coastal waters (MoD Resolution 236/1998 of 10 September 1998, BOE 224 of 18 September 1998) . The Navy, in addition to give free three ships, was responsible for the preparation, conditioning and subsequent sinking: Nalon sank on June 6, 1999 in the Bay of Mazarrón.

The M-21 Nalon and eleven others of this class minesweepers, provided the first demonstration of Hispanic-American agreements, and were transferred to the Spanish Navy as a result of the call MDAP (Mutual Defense Assistant Program, or Program Defense and Mutual Assistance

Nalon, one of the "Ducklings Yanks" well known by the Spanish sailors, usually navigate by row, served from the beginning as minesweepers until 1980 that went on to serve as Patrullero; first as PVZ-51 (Patrullero Surveillance Zone) and later as P-51. After nearly 40 years of service, in 1993 he resigned from the Navy.

Currently, given the course of the years, the ship has been deteriorating to the extent that is NOT RECOMMENDED visit inside.



Region: Murcia


Location: Mazarrón



Appellative: M21 (P51) - Nalon

Sinking Year: 1999

Causes: Sunk as an artificial reef in the Bay of Mazarrón on June 6, 1999.

Year of construction: 1950

Lugar: Astilleros "South Coast Co. Newport Beach CA"; U.S.A.

Length: 44.5

Manga: 8.5

Maximum depth: 35

Average depth: 30

Minimum depth: 28