The Italian freighter Avvenire, called “Marmoler” due to the load of large blocks of marble that it still keeps in its holds, was shipwrecked in May 1971 due to a storm that caused it to run aground on the coast of Montgrí. The wreck is approximately one mile from Punta Treca braços, between 32 and 44 meters deep. Her hull is complete, perched on a mud bottom in a navigation position. The fauna is extraordinarily abundant, large and often hidden in the holes of the ship. It is easy to see sunfish, lobsters, lobsters and schools of three tails. Diving in this wreck is only suitable for experienced and advanced level divers.

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Autonomous Community: Catalonia

Provincia: Gerona

Localidad: L´Escala



Apelativo: Marmoler

Año del hundimiento: 1971

Causas: Encallado por temporal.

Año de construcción: 1930

Lugar: Ind. Maats de Noord. Alblasserdam (Holanda)

Eslora: 47

Manga: 8

Profundidad máxima: 44

Profundidad mínima: 32