Sinking of a steamship: “According to news that we were able to obtain yesterday, on the 16th, sailing through Cabo de Gata, around half past five in the afternoon, the Czechoslovak steamship “Arna”, with Prague registration, collided with a Laja , opening an important road on the road. The ship took a few minutes to sink. Given the seriousness of the incident, neither the captain nor the crew were able to take the boats or their clothes, putting their lives in danger. After great efforts they were able to swim to the shore, reaching San Francisco Cove. Displacing 1,973 tons, the “Arna” left Bona with a cargo of iron ore destined for Middlesbrought, and was insured at the “Reunione Adriatica Marítima” in Trieste. The captain and the entire crew, made up of thirty-three men, embarked yesterday on the steamer “Roberto R” bound for Barcelona.

Source: "Southern Chronicle", February 1928.


Autonomous Community: Andalusia

Provincia: Almería

Localidad: San José de Nijar



Apelativo: El Vapor

Año del hundimiento: 1928

Causas: Encalló

Año de construcción: 1905

Lugar: Howdon-On-Tyne. UK

Eslora: 99

Manga: 14

Puntal (altura): 6

Profundidad máxima: 42

Profundidad media: 30

Profundidad mínima: 27