This ship loaded marble powder from the Port of La Garrufa (Almería) and its destination was to unload in Puebla del Camariñal (La Coruña). Problems with the rudder and low visibility caused the ship to run aground at “Las Lobeiras” during a storm. The Ribeira fishing vessel “San Ramón” managed to rescue the entire crew and there were no human lives lost. At a depth between 14 and 25 meters, the wreck has now been colonized by actinias.

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In the press could be read:

“…In the early morning of Wednesday, December 7, 1977, the freighter Aries, belonging to the Exmar company and with its base port in A Coruña, was sailing through the Arousa estuary, coming from Garrucha (Almería) bound for the port of A Pobra . The ship, of 392 gross registered tons and 47 meters in length, made a regular service between various ports in Galicia and Morocco; she transported wood to the African country and took advantage of the return to transport various cargo. That day she was loaded with 500 tons of crushed marble, which was used to make terrazzo for the floors.

…The weather conditions in the estuary were adverse, which meant that, upon entering the mouth, the ship would be left without a rudder, preventing any maneuverability and causing it to collide with the shoal called As Lobeiras Chicas (two miles from the port of Ribeiro). A fatality to which was added the fact that, for four days, he had been sailing with a broken radar.

Source: the Galician