The Spanish cargo ship Antártico ran aground on October 6, 1959 west of Las Quebrantas at the entrance to Santander, when it was en route from Lobito (Angola) to Santander and was transporting 5,000 tons of manganese. After repeated rescue attempts in the port, she was finally split in two by a storm on October 25 and the force of the sea began to undo the unfortunate ship that ended up sinking. Diving in this wreck is suitable for all levels, since the remains of it are found at a shallow depth (from 6 to 10 meters). At very pronounced low tides, part of its structure comes to the surface. The remains of it are scattered in a parallel line to the Quebrantas del Puntal. Virtually buried in the sandy bottom, the remains of the bulkheads and the upper deck are barely visible, but it offers many nooks among its remains, serving as a reef and protection for the multitude of marine life that lives there.

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Autonomous Community: Cantabria

Provincia: Cantabria

Localidad: Santander



Apelativo: Antártico

Año del hundimiento: 1959

Causas: Encallado

Año de construcción: 1914

Lugar: Thornaby (Stockton-On-Tees). Reino Unido

Eslora: 116

Manga: 14

Profundidad media: 10