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Panamanian-flagged freighter chartered by a British broker shot down by Franco's naval forces off the Cantabrian coast, near Laredo Bay, during the Spanish Civil War. He was well documented by the national intelligence service as an enforcer of the blockade to take shipments to the republican ports in the North. The executing Franco ship was the “Galerna”. This was a fishing boat captured by the Francoist side and converted into a warship. On April 4, 1937, she undertook the pursuit of the Andra. The Andra tried to escape sticking to the coast so that the coastal batteries of Punta Galea would protect it. But the Galerna caught up with him and fired at him. Two men died and the machine was disabled. The Andra was then boarded and captured. However, the damage to the machine made the ship ungovernable and the captain of the Galerna opted to sink it with cannon fire from the pieces of the Galerna. The wreck is at a great depth, about 85 meters. It is in navigation position. A minimum qualification of Advanced Trimix and extensive experience are required.

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Autonomous Community: Cantabria

Provincia: Cantabria

Localidad: Laredo


Apelativo: Andra

Año del hundimiento: 1937

Causas: Abatido por batería naval.

Año de construcción: 1922

Lugar: Hamburg. Alemania

Eslora: 71

Manga: 11

Puntal (altura): 6

Profundidad media: 85